Wow. On the way home from an event the other night in my neighborhood, I pulled to the right to let a screaming ambulance by (and hey, the 4 other people that did not pull over to the right, let’s hope you don’t have to be in one). I carried on my path home doing the posted speed limit 🙂 as anyone would do.

I arrived at the first intersection, and stopped at the red light…I waited, then moved again on green arriving at the second intersection again stopping at the red light…waiting…and waiting…(it’s a long one).

As I was approaching the next intersection along came the screaming ambulance from a different direction, going my way now. What??

The ambulance was lost.

In today’s digital app and gadget this and that, I had no concept this could really be possible, let alone common. I stopped at the gas station on that corner and chatted with the cashier about what I thought was an entirely unique event.

“oh no”, she said. “It happens all the time”.

All the time?

“Yes”, she said. “I see them coming from that street (pointing right), going up that street (pointing left) and then screaming by again to turn onto THAT street (the one going straight)… All the time”.

Is this a business problem that needs solving? what about GPS solutions? What about Onstar, or all the other technology solutions to get you from one place to another? And in this case, it’s pretty darn important.

So wow, here’s my survey.