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Easily see if you have a market opportunity
3 Year sales revenue forecast (UNLOCKED FORMULAS) / $9.95   

Forecast worksheet

Executive Summary

About This Document
The easiest way to create a 3 year sales forecast — No sales experience needed, just fill in the indicated fields.
Easily create sales projections — the spreadsheet calculates everything for you. It also gives you return statements (TM) in simple english — quickly identify if your numbers and assumptions look good and readjust on the fly!
Also suited for sales professionals — save yourself hours in creating a forecast. Unlocked Version.
Enter your company information, identify your market opportunity, create your forecast based on number of customers, revenue per customer, expenses and sales cycle. Whether you have current revenues or want to project new revenues, a one page results summary captures all of the information for you.
Whether you’re starting a company, a new revenue line or you are already in business, we make it easy to quickly create your forecast!* Calculates up to 3 revenue lines* A handy market calculator is included so you can estimate current market value, current average sale, and conversion of customers to your product or service* 3 year forecast can be used whether you have current revenues or are projecting them*
A one page management summary report is generated for a business view of your company, market and revenues* Over 15 years experience written into the spreadsheet that includes sales cycle considerations and industry standard logic