It’s the night where you contemplate how much of a candy stash you need for all the kids that come around with their trick-or-treat wishes and today, I stocked up and settled in to answer the door for a few hours — who can resist?

I had a very interesting observation I never expected to have. The doorbell currently has a mind of its own; sometimes it chimes, sometimes it doesn’t, so I taped a “please knock” sign over it to make sure I didn’t miss one little precious bumble bee, zombie or baseball player.

Through the night, I noticed that 3-year olds don’t stop knocking.

They read my sign and started knocking and never stopped until I opened the door. In addition, the triplet bumble bee,fairy and witch stumbled into the house, pursuing the candy bowl, stopped only by me, and that bowl of candy in my hands. But in the spirit of any great quarterback (ah, name one?) they would have continued their pursuit if not for mom who laughingly said, “stop, don’t go into the house silly girls”. 

Why is this anything you ask?

Enthusiasm. Blatant pursuit and focus on their end game — candy.

I relate that to a start-up and the ability to be just that, focused, enthusiastic, always moving forward.

So today, I’m going to remind myself of my ‘inner 3-year old’; the one who keeps knocking and continues to move forward to my end goal, which seems to be a good thing to contemplate on any day.

Happy Halloween.