Interestingly, I still receive phone calls from telemarketers & research firms, despite being on the do not call list. Yes, research firms will tell you they are not selling anything, so the “do not call” does not apply to them which IMHO, is a bad way to try and continue an unwanted conversation.

If I receive more than 2 calls, I will re-register on the DNC gov and also eventually pick up the call, to let that poor ‘sitting behind my desk dialing for dollars’  individual know that the number is registered, and to kindly communicate I am a waste of their time. Believe me, I have been there (ok, only once — it was an informative experience a couple of decades ago – a telemarking sweat shop in a mobile home stacked with fold out picnic tables — think about how many clowns you can fit into a vw bug and you’ve got it).

Which is why I still try to be courteous and kind when I recieve those calls – after all, a gal/guy has to earn a buck.

The App is simple, but powerful and I would pay for it; I would pay more than than the ‘do not publish’ service the phone company offers (which on a side note, I find ridiculous — really…why would the phone company think they own rights to my number? I pay for it, right? It seems clear to me that people own their phone number, we all can port it — Another post, right?) 🙂

Here is how it would work:

1. A telemarketer calls me (it’s clear because “Maritz Research” shows up on my ID)

2. I probably ignore it (as do most)

3. There’s no message, so I will definitely ignore it next time (like most)

4. On second or third call (which always seems to be a most inconvenient time  and in this case 7:02 PM), I do pick up to save the poor soul trying to make a buck. If I receive another call after that, it was clear my ‘remove from this list’  request was meaningless (9 times out of 10, that’s my experience).

That app will recognize who I am, the number that called mine, and automatically block calls in the future, much like other apps which are more manual. I can set my settings for all kinds of handy things.

And, I don’t have to pay the phone company that $5/month for the same service. Because really, I believe that $$ should go to a startup, not a conglomerate (mostly because I am not given a choice).  While there are plenty of apps for smartphones and so on, a quick shout on the numbers will show those silly LAND lines still exist. 

Without mapping a business plan, how is this:

1. Before “X” am and after “Y” pm, I forward my phone to “insert your company here” with a virtual number system.

2. That system takes the first ring of all my calls, reconciles it with a database of the above. If it passes, I get the call on the second ring. If it fails, well, how about an automated recording that repeats endlessly until the party hangs up, which is about what we usually get for these types of calls.

Let me know if you build this App, I will be your first customer.